Whenever we are fooling around

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I've been seeing a lot of tumblr posts about sex/sexual things that are just awful, either in misinformation or in attitude. I was going to make a topic in the "Sex in the Media" forum about those, as a productive way of dealing with my frustration/rage at them. (On tumblr you can comment on a [...]

People of New Jersey will see it and react to it

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"To understand why eugenics gained such a following in the first three decades of the 20th century cheap jerseys, one needs to examine the economic, social, and political context in which it flourished. Science, or what is claimed to be science cheap jerseys, is a product of culture like any other human activity." Dr. Garland [...]

But the bulk of the gas will be shipped to places like

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A lot. He was squirming in his chair like teenager in heat. And the chair was complaining loudly, constantly. As one executioner held her in place, the other lifted his axe and brought it down onto her neck.But the executioner had miss his target, and the blade did not go clean through. Quickly, he lifted [...]