They have slightly more troops

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In the political system of pre Revolutionary France, the nobility made up the Second Estate of the Estates General (with the Catholic clergy comprising the First Estate and the bourgeoisie and peasants in the Third Estate). Although membership in the noble class was mainly inherited, it was not a fully closed order. New individuals were [...]

Durham using fine resolution pollen analysis of Mor humus and

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The Deccan Traps volcanism as well as the Chicxulub impact were caused by the same thing. The Earth's core(s) rapid movement toward Earth centricity, as described by the Gravity Theory of Mass Extinction, is able to explain why both events occurred. This movement caused an extreme wobble of the Earth, which has been identified, disturbing [...]

A “stay at home mom” who took great pride in the job

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You clearly don realize how much hair matters for most women. It the biggest factor in their appearance, usually, and short hair (or lack of any) is a huge target of shaming and negative comments (there sooo many threads on this site alone about people hating their partner short haircuts, for example). It is legally [...]

I saw a sign that read something something Trudeau and Leave

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While Bohr was dismissive of Everett's hypothesis dildos, another physicist Bryce DeWitt (the editor of the volume to which Everett and Wheeler submitted the paper) was intrigued. DeWitt was curious dildos, however, how Everett justified the splitting of reality if nobody ever felt it. Everett replied that the anti Copernicans said the same about the [...]