5 is an easy toy to figure out

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I'm currently not sexually active, but there's no harm in sorting the details for the near future so I was just wondering, which is a better method of birth control the condom or the pill?[first I'd like to get in that both my bf and I have been tested (even though I'm a virgin so [...]

“Ah, politics,” he says with a sigh

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Finally, the whip is leather look but seems to be made of some kind of vinyl with a wooden covered handle. The strands for whipping were not very strong and have already started to split at the bottom and come out of the handle. The leather look design is particularly poor and generally looks cheap [...]

But all of us are born with some sexual anatomy

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I was a dark brunette, then an allergic reaction to hair dye forced me to embrace accepting mother nature. We women tend to get the message that we have to avoid going grey at all costs and I trying to show that we can go grey and still be youthful looking. We don need to [...]

In addition a homology model of OBP3 was created in order to

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For decades, scientists have held that the Earth Moon system formed as a result of a collision between Earth and a Mars sized object roughly 4.5 billion years ago. Known as the Giant Impact Hypothesis, this theory explains why Earth and the Moon are similar in structure and composition. Interestingly enough, scientists have also determined [...]

We’re going to hack an i something dock (ipod

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Like they do in Cork South Central, home of some heavyweight political hitters. The sitting TDs comprise one aspiring taoiseach (Michel Martin, Fianna Fil), two aspiring leaders (Simon Coveney, Fine Gael and Michael McGrath, Fianna Fil) and a young rising star (Donnchadh Laoghaire, Sinn Fin). They must spend a lot of their time looking over [...]